Out now via Rocket Recordings

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

The Newcastle noise merchants have today delivered their debut release ‘Feed The Rats’, three tracks of doom stricken vibes and sludgy riffs, although only covering three tracks the LP stands near a the 40 minutes mark. Prepare yourself and strap in as it is in intense ride from beginning to end.

Kicking things off is ‘Psychopomp’, a greek mythological place of the dead, never has a song captured what a place would sound like before. The heavy cascading riff accompanied by the howls and screams from vocalist Matthew Baty creates an atmosphere of doom and intense fear. This beautiful concoction is warped together to create a headbanging experiance that is worthy of Black Sabbath.

Following track ‘Sweet Relief’ comes in hard, fast and heavy (the shortest track of the three), the demonic riff is something to be adored with it’s unapologetic sludgery. Finishing things up ‘Icon’ takes us on another lengthy journey that infuses what we have come familiar with into one beautiful bundle of destructive, face melting riffs accompanied by deathly howls and shrieks.

Across the three tracks you are taken on an extensive journey through the ages of heavy metal with a tinge of psychedelia peppered over the top for good measure. If you are looking to headbang so hard your brains fall out your nose then this album is tailored for you.

Listen to ‘Feed The Rats’ here: