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Punk-rock should be played with an absolute sense of youthful, reckless abandon, and luckily PLAY DEAD have that completely nailed down. They’re very much a band filled with snot and sneer, and I fucking love it.

‘Six Hours Later’ is the tale of an unfortunate incident involving a young man and some ADHD medication. Let’s just say ingesting a whole bottle of these pills might not have any adverse effects straight away, but after a passage of time it’s a whole different story.

This track is a snappy, full-throttle, two-minute trip through a night of sheer terror as a period of boredom leads to some seriously bad life choices. Some of us will have been in the same predicament, maybe not via this route, but the line “hands on my head, higher than the equator, how have these kicked in six hours later!” will resonate with some of us.

If you like your punk loose and dirty with a tongue well and truly in it’s cheek you’ll be at home here. Squealing feedback, chugging chords and drums open the track before the attitude driven lyrics kick-in and take you through this whirlwind trip of desperation, fear and anxiety.

Listening to the bands previous single ‘Shaun’, PLAY DEAD combine all the elements of the great punk and post-punk bands emerging in the UK scene currently. They can play, they don’t take themselves too seriously but have the ability to tackle deeper subjects like those featured on ‘Six Hours Later’ and they have an abundance of energy that really excites me when I listen to them.

This track is corking and should automatically be added to your listening queue and don’t forget the name PLAY DEAD for the future.

Listen to ‘Six Hours Later’ here: