For a long time we have had plans to release a podcast and now that dream has come true. In the second half of 2021 we officially launched ‘The CLUNK Show’, our very own podcast, brought to you by Say Hello Audio. We’ve already released several episodes that features guests such as Lauran Hibberd, FEET, Webmoms, and School Disco. Expect plenty more to come that will range a through a variety of subject matters and genres.

We want to provide you something truly unique, a chance to enter the world of our guests and walk away knowing more about them, their lives, and their music. In addition to guest episodes we’ll also be doing ramble/radio episodes where hosts will talk about new music, random shit chat, and play music they’re vibing. As one person recently commented “expect a radio show but with extra steps”.

The CLUNK Show is available on most streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Check out the latest episode with FEET here:

Stanley Duke

Lauran Hibberd


School Disco