By Kieran Webber

Running off the success of his ‘Weak Beneath The Knees’ EP, Ireland’s Podge Lane has dropped new single ‘Don’t Take It From Me’. The track was recorded over three days in August and continues Podle Lane’s exploration of alt-country/folk rock sound.

Throughout you can hear similarities to his contemporaries such as Willie J Healey and Boy Azooga. Yet there is a retrospective element that is subtly Dylan-esque.

Podge Lane creates music that is incredibly easy listening. Bringing forward simple, yet interesting songwriting. This is all delivered through a hazy soundscape and his soft, crooning vocals.

Talking about the track Podge explains that “I wanted to make a song that production wise and melodically showed my music moving forward as I feel more comfortable as an artist, while also commenting on what you’re hearing with the lyrics.” He continues, “I just wanted to get out this feeling that I had grown comfortable in myself as an artist and was really happy with what I was making and how I was doing it, so it felt good to manifest those worries of repeating old habits and creating a sort of goodbye old ‘friend’ song for them.”

Listen to ‘Don’t Take It From Me’ here:

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