By Kieran Webber

Norway is in the history books for many reasons, when you mention the country to people they immediately have imagery of vikings, beautiful landscapes and of course Fjords. However, recently there seems to be something of a musical and artistic boom coming from the Scandinavian country, one said example of this is Pom Poko, a noise rock quartet that is devilishly infectious.

Their latest single ‘Follow The Lights’ a long time stalwart of the bands live set is a jagged edged, sharp noise rock number that has multiple layers. Bursting through is the high pitched vocals backed by the screeching guitars, matched by a high octane energy that appears to be relentless.

Listen to ‘Follow The Lights’ here:

The band recently signed to Bella Union and a debut album is on the horizon, keep your eyes on these guys I am sure they are going to be on the lips of music fans everywhere.