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By Kieran Webber

Porshyne are an atmospheric rock five-piece hailing from Brighton. Formed in 2014, early releases from the band such as ‘Residue’ and ‘Warp’ have helped to cement their name within the Brighton music scene, leading to them playing shows alongside the likes of Black Peaks, Valerian Swing and Town Portal. More recently the band has focused on crafting their debut EP ‘Environmental Music’, which will blend prog-rock/alt-rock with a sprinkling of post-rock thrown in for good measure.

Speaking about the forthcoming EP, Fergal Lyden (Vocals/ Guitar) said, “We’re really happy about how the record has turned out and excited to get it out for people to listen to. Mark (producer) did an amazing job of capturing what we were aiming towards, and how representative we feel this EP is of us as a band is testament to that.”

Their latest single ‘Exit’ boasts the bands diverse soundscape and captures the band intensity. It is ambient yet loud at the same time making it an incredibly impressive and delightfully infectious.

Listen to ‘Exit’ here: