By Kieran Webber

Port Lucian is the self proclaimed queer icon/hermit of Philadelphia. Since 2017 Port Lucian has been dropping lo-fi bedroom pop that is draped in a haze of sunshine.

The latest release ’20z’ is a shining example of the mellowed out, nonchalant music that she creates.

It’s a song that captures the feeling of long car drives in summer months. Bringing the listener to the roadtrips she would take between Oberlin and Cleveland. The track brings soft, jangly guitars to the forefront whilst melancholy vocals brush over you with ease. A beautiful track that captures that coming of age feeling. An air of confusion in this strange world, a weird time to be growing up. We’re all confused, lost and scared but Port Lucian extends a hand and says “me too”.

Listen to ‘20z’ here:

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