By Callie Winch

‘Remedies’ is the opening track from the upcoming Premier Leisure EP, set to be released at the start of 2021. The 4-track EP comes from the guitarist of Willie J Healey and producer, Chris Barker, who has drawn close inspiration from 1970s psych-pop and lounge-indie for the new release. Barker has been joined by Casper Miles and Jack Kendrew of PETSEMATARY, Bassist Harry Deacon, Ash Cooke of Be Goode and Willie J Healey in collaboration for the forthcoming project.

The single marks the first release from Plum Cuts, the new London label from producer Oli Barton-Wood. Oli has previously worked with the likes of ALASKALASKA, Obongjayar and Porridge Radio. ‘Remedies’ seeks to be a comment on the pressure placed upon our perceptions of “healthy living” and the constant obsession over the latest health fads.

Talking on the new single, Chris explains, “Remedies considers a more laid back and outward looking mindset, to do what makes you, and people around you, feel good”.

Listen to ‘Remedies’ here:

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