Words: Harvey Williams-Fairly | Image: Tall Guy Pictures

Blind Motive have gone and done it again! They’ve released another banger and now I cannot stop listening.

On September the 1st, Brighton based rock band Blind Motive are set to unleash their new single Hiding Place. A three minute in-your-face bass-heavy face-melter.

The boys describe their new single as, “…a raucous, distorted dogfight, with thunderous riffs that will leave the fuzz ringing in your ears.”

Hidden Herd have described the band as being able to, “…put a spring in the step of even the gloomiest commuters, throwing down enough attitude in the process to warrant an urban riot”.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Blind Motive perform in a number of dingy London live music bars. Most recently I saw them execute a flawless performance at Road Trip & the Workshop, the crowds alone are a beautiful spectacle. Limbs are flying everywhere, off and on stage. I once saw bassist Guy Jones kick his leg right above his head during a performance at the Good Ship in Kilburn. The ferocious energy of this band certainly paves way for the commotion they cause down in the pit.

Earlier this year I spoke with front man Phil Hussey who informed me that the boys had been hiding away, remoulding and perfecting their sound. Hussey evidently also diving through archival footage of Nick Cave, as he admits he’s been influenced by the stage presence of the bad seed himself.

What really impresses me about this band is their ability to take minimal to new levels. Their sound is huge, although they are really stripped down. Frankie Sparrowhawk (also known as Mr. Consistent), the gentleman responsible for keeping the band in time, bangs away on a three piece drum kit. Those beats you hear on this track are coming from merely a snare drum, a floor tom and a bass drum, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of cymbals.

Clunk Mag have the pleasure of being able to premiere this belter of a track. So I urge you to tune in and hold on tight… If you’re left lusting for more, then show your face and pop along to any of, or all of Blind Motives up and coming performances.

Upcoming dates: Tues 27th Sep, The Prince Albert Brighton. (headline show). Fri 30th September, Underbelly Hoxton.

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