By Kieran Webber

The fuzzed out rock three-piece stunned us with previous release ‘All Mine (Sometimes)’. Now they come flying out the gate with two anthemic, hook heavy rock belters.

The two singles ‘She’ and ‘Late At A Festival’ are taken from the bands forthcoming EP. Both singles boasting the bands face melting garage rock sound.

‘She’ is an impactful riff fueled number that packs a real punch. Swaying guitars bounce back and forth with a heavy bass, whilst Grohl-esque vocals push the track forward. It’s a track that is beaming with confidence and oozing in cool.

Whilst ‘Late At A Festival’ is driven forward by a more subtle sound. Simplistic plucks of the guitar blend with reverb drenched vocals. There is just as much energy present but is provided in shorter bursts. This pent up energy comes to it’s fiery conclusion with a flurry of guitars and percussion.

Blue Stragglers are fast becoming one of the most exciting emerging acts in the U.K right now. These two tracks and the forthcoming EP solidify their position. It’s going to be very exciting watching these guys grow.

Listen to ‘She’ here:

Listen to ‘Late At A Festival’ here:

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