Words & Header Image by Kieran Webber

The boys are back in town, lock your doors and batten down the hatches because they’re brewing a storm. Mother Vulture are releasing a live album and we are incredibly humbled to be premiering the single and video for ‘Fame Or Shame’.

Listen/watch ‘Fame Or Shame’ here:

Mother Vulture had spent the best part of a year playing shows up and down the country, blowing revellers away at every stop. A destructive quest of rock n roll. Covid-19 came along and threw a curveball for the band. As an outfit that is reliant on their energetic, anthemic rock performances not being able to gig was a big blow. Luckily back in 2019 they were invited to Rockfield Studios in Monmouth to record a session for the Abbey Road Institute France. They recorded the entire session completely live, in a matter of hours, pressed record and didn’t hold back. Now, we the fans get to hear the chaos on wax and digitally July 24th. Only 100 vinyl is to be pressed and you can pre-order here.

This is a totally self funded project made on basically a budget of £0. DIY from playing through to mastering and recording. It’s rough around the edges and has some imperfections, but that’s the magic charm of Mother Vulture.

Artwork by Red Moon Design.


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