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If there’s even one slightly shining silver lining to come out of the last year, we could argue that there’s been a great number of musical collaborations that probably wouldn’t have happened without the onset of the pandemic. Lauran Hibberd and Lydia Knight (The Regrettes), Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, and Joe Talbot (IDLES), and that’s just to name a few (with no doubt more to come).

The latest musician to jump on this wonderful bandwagon is Premium Leisure with his latest sonic creation ‘Easy FM’.

Premium Leisure is the solo project of Chris Barker, he recruited a great number of renowned musicians to lend a hand on his latest venture. Featuring the likes of Willie J Healey, Ash Cooke (Be Good), Casper Miles & Jack Kendrew (PETSEMATARY), bassist Harry Deacon (Palace), and Drummer Mike Monaghan (Saint Etienne, Gaz Coombes).

With the abundance of talented musicians bounded on this project, it comes as no surprise that the success of the outcome is that of a complete sonic delight. The lyric “Gotta surf that breeze again”, has us all longing for the hot summer days that accompany soft breezes, wind in your hair, beer in hand – what could be better?

“The song is a comment on the ease of following trends,” Premium Leisure explains. “And the difficulty of consistently staying true to what really pushes our buttons.”

‘Easy FM’ arrived just in time for the start of summer, full of hazy vocals and jazzy guitar strums, the track is an easy-listening, feel-good adventure. Paired with a whimsical ‘day in the life’ style music video (directed by Young Knives), the groovy psych-pop track is essential for any ‘beach’ playlist.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long into the future that we’re able to see ‘Easy FM’ performed live onstage.

Watch the video for ‘Easy FM’ here:

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