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Adam Laver

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Oxford’s Premium Leisure is the musical product of producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Chris Barker. His latest single, ‘Ready For Forever’, is the feel-good anthem that music-lovers need this year.

After the success of the debut single ‘Remedies’, Premium Leisure are back with another striking tune, ‘Ready For Forever’.

The scratchy lead guitar riff won’t leave the minds of listeners in a hurry, as its catchiness is an instant pleaser. Its contented tone makes the track a perfect addition to any morning playlist, as echoes of Electric Light Orchestra can be heard in the psych-pop elements of ‘Ready For Forever’. The 1960s is prominent in the song’s instrumentation, especially in the bridge, as the listener is taken down a psychedelic rabbit hole.

Premium Leisure puppet-master and Willie J Healey bandmate, Chris Barker, wrote the track whilst questioning the longevity of what he’s doing with his life. He said that “the song describes characters drifting about without any burdens or liability, asking me to give up the guilty conscience and loosen up”.

‘Ready For Forever’ certainly feels loose, as the groove-heavy tune is driven by its head-bopping rhythm section. The funky drum pattern and chunky bass guitar riff adds support for the melody and fun lead guitar.

The new single also marks the sophomore release for Oli Barton-Wood’s South London label, Plum Cuts, which has also contributed to some substantial indie releases recently, including Porridge Radio’s Mercury-nominated album and Nilüfer Yanya’s ‘Miss Universe’ LP.

Listen to ‘Ready For Forever’ here:

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