CLUNK Magazine Presents – The Quaranzine


The Quaranzine was created over the three lockdowns that we have endured in the UK (so far). It has long been an ambition for us at CLUNK to create a fully-fledged music magazine and now this is a dream realized. In our first jaunt into the print realm, we interviewed Romy of The XX, Stanley Duke, and Attawalpa. In addition to this, we highlighted and covered some of the amazing talents in Cornwall, showing that there is more than pasty’s and seagulls in this county. We have also covered music from across the world and written features ranging from Brexit, cancel culture, and much more!

Watch the teaser to the Zine here:

Our previous print expedition, with the photobook ‘A Love Letter To Leopallooza’ selling out we are expecting the same to happen to this zine too so be sure to grab yours now ASAP.

What to expect from this zine:

  • Illustrations from Red Moon Design
  • 76 pages of amazing, original content
  • Spectacular photography from a range of talented professional photographers
  • Interviews with local and international artists
  • Cornish music spotlight
  • Album reviews
  • Our ones to watch in 2021

Zines are posted 2nd class Royal Mail (there may be some delays due to Covid-19).

The Quaranzine is printed in recycled natural paper (A5), in colour, and on 135gms (170gsm for front and back page).

Product photography by Alysa O’ Connor.


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