CLUNK Zine 006


Our second zine of 2023 is now available for pre-order!

In this edition, we present to you our front cover star GLUME, the L.A based alt-pop sensation. In addition to this, we also have a well-stocked review section, interviews, live reviews, features, and festival content. This is arguably our most fleshed-out zine to date… so don’t miss out on getting your hands on some quality music journalism.

Our exclusive interview with GLUME sees us discuss her her upbringing in LA as a child actor, her journey into music with her latest release ‘Main Character’ and how she ended up bringing her story to life in her debut short film ‘Child Actor’

We also have exclusive interviews with Lambrini Girls, Divorce, Chappaqua Wrestling, Sad Boys Club, Hippo Campus, and Holiday Ghosts. In addition to this, we also have a feature on the rising Cornish psychedelic outfit TEG and photography highlight with Bella Keery.

Our fully fleshed album reviews section will feature Prima Queen, Opus Kink, HMLTD, Malady, Lana Del Ray, and more!

You can also expect live reviews from The Hara’s show in London, Big Thief in Oxford, and Wanderfal 2023, the town-wide festival based in Falmouth. Expect shots of Langkamer, Le Junk, Max Fulcrum & The Win, Milo Gore, MOPES, AND YES MORE!

Pre-order today to guarantee your copy… our last zine sold out in quick time so we advise you pre-order to avoid disappointment.

Zine 006 will be available from May 10th.

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