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This year saw us head to SXSW for the first time. This was a pilgrimage for us here at CLUNK, a journey into the promised land so to speak.

SXSW shaped how CLUNK grew and became what it is today all thanks to a video Director Kieran Webber saw one day on Youtube. It was 2013 and the algorithm had decided I was ready to bare witness to the Osees playing a parking lot at SXSW. From there he discovered a love for bands such as Death Valley Girls, Jay Reatard, Ty Segall, and more, all of which led to him wanting to create a music magazine that focused on guitar-driven music. SXSW and the Osees literally helped create CLUNK and what you see before you today.

Upon watching that video Kieran decided that one day he would make it to SXSW and would witness the Osees live, both of these became a reality in 2023 (Kieran even met John Dwyer). The week we spent at SXSW was truly a mesmerizing, life-affirming, and incredible experience, one that will never be forgotten.

This A4 special will act as a journal of sorts, a visual experience of our time in Austin, Texas. We hope that this magazine (or more book tbh) will take you on a journey, our journey but also help anyone who is wanting to visit SXSW in the future.

Throughout the pages, you will find photography of the city of Austin itself, scans of posters and artwork, exclusive interviews with artists such as Prima Queen, The Lounge Society, Panic Shack, and more. It will also be full of never seen photography exclusive only to this zine, including live photography of Osees, Dream Wife, English Teacher, Sports Team, Warmduscher, and SO MANY MORE!

We will only be creating a very limited amount of these so be sure to grab yours ASAP.. they will NOT be printed again..EVER.

The first ten pre-orders come with a limited edition hand-stitched American CLUNK Flag.

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