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Public Body’s debut ‘Big Mess’ is set to arrive on June 9th, and new single ‘No Constraint’ is helping lead the charge

Brighton post-punk starlets Public Body have finally announced their debut album, ‘Big Mess’, set to be a sardonic and dry lens on modern life, driven along by the band’s angular throwback post-punk aesthetic. They also bring a brand-new single: ‘No Constraint’.

‘No Constraint’ is a bewildering but brilliant mesh of post-punk and synth-pop, fast paced and conveying a pop sheen the band haven’t really explored prior to this release. Frontman Seb Gilmore’s delivery is monotonal but still oozes a contained charisma, the subtle voice cracks and shakes adding essential layers of organicity to a track with watertight production. 

Their signature tightly wound sound and erratic instrumentation is, as per usual, executed with biting confidence, leaving Public Body a genuine force to be reckoned with within the post-punk scene.

‘Big Mess’ will arrive on June 9th, via FatCat records.  

Listen to/watch ‘No Constraint’ here: