By Willow Shields 

Recently Public Body released their latest single ‘Ask Me Later’ following the release of renowned singles ‘Presenteeism’ and ‘Naughty On My Bike’. With the band’s guitarist Theo Verney at the production helm, ‘Ask Me Later’ is the perfect spikey, get-me-in-the-pit taste of post-punk we’ve all been yearning for.

The band is made up of Seb Gilmore (guitar & vocals), Theo Verney (guitar), Joe Stevens (bass) and Thom Mills (drums). On this track Gilmore critically examines the relentless routine of the working day. With unique lyricism accompanied by bouncy guitars that make you want to get up and thrash about your house, this is the perfect track to waste your workday away.

Listen to ‘Ask me Later’ here:

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