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Having already stormed the music scene with their unique genre-bending fluidity and societal insights, Public Body are back with a new release in tow and news of an upcoming EP.

Gaining notoriety from touring with the likes of Squid and Dry Cleaning and receiving acclaim from DIY and CLASH, the boys are steadily making a name for themselves as one of the fastest rising bands in the underground music scene.

Formed in Brighton in 2018, Public Body is the passion project of five life-long friends: Seb Gilmore (guitar, vocals), Theo Verney (guitar, backing vocals), Tom Bacon (synth, backing vocals), Joe Steven (bass) and Thom Mills (drums).

Their latest single release, ‘Formica acts as the first tantalising teaser of what’s to come from their upcoming EP ‘Labour Of Love’.

Commenting on the new single, Gilmore divulged, “This song is about a Twitter Dad, a man who tweets financial and life advice: ‘If you’re not thinking about INVESTING, CRYPTO, MAKING MONEY you’re doing it wrong.’ But how do you invest if you have no money? This song is about a poor ignorant Dad who gets tricked by a Troll on Twitter, he believes everything the Twitter Dad had to say, this included taking out loans with high APR and interest rates and in turn gets his home and car repossessed by the bank.”

Filled with edge and post-punk influences, ‘Formica’ combines explosive instrumentation with bold lyricism to create an amalgamation of witty observations and truth-filled societal insights. Veined with subtle nuances, the band come to life within their own twist on riotous rock ‘n’ roll that is set to be an instant crowd-pleaser.

Guaranteed to be filled with infectious earworms, ‘Flavour Of Labour’ is an EP not to be overlooked.

Speaking more on their upcoming EP, Gilmore added: “Our new EP ‘Flavour Of Labour’ has a couple of different themes but it’s mainly about work. At the time I had lived in Brighton for almost 10 years and for a lot of that time I’d worked pretty terrible call centre jobs. When you leave education and your first taste of full time work is working for bad companies who are either taking advantage of their employees or their customers. How can you feel good about giving 40 hours a week of your life to something like that. So heck! I’ll write a song about it or like 10.”


1. Formica
2. Flavour Of Labour
3. Hard To Concentrate
4. Reset My Password
5. Sunburnt

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