By Willow Shields 

After release of ‘Ask Me Later’, Brighton based Public Body look like a band to keep on our radars. We catch up with frontman and guitarist Seb Gilmore about the formation and future or the band.

Willow: Where did you all meet and how did you become Public Body?

Seb: I actually met Theo in the toilet of Brighton Beer Dispensary. Theo was washing his underwear in the sink as he had soiled himself that night after a bad kfc. I knew Theo was a total rocker as he was wearing an old 80’s AC/DC tour shirt. I just had to give him my number.

Willow: How has being in lockdown affected the band?

Seb: It’s been pretty good actually, our drummer has a studio space so he’s able to record live drums, so working out new songs during lockdown was possible. We managed to do a couple live streams too, which was fun and not fun at the same time. The only poo bit is that we weren’t able to play together in a room for so long which is the most fun out of all of it.

Willow: How would you describe your music?

Seb: Apparently we sound like Kaiser Chiefs, but also like Blur and then some other people have said The Fall. One person said I sound like Paul Weller… I don’t like any of that stuff so fuck knows what I’ve been doing.

Listen to ‘Ask Me Later’ here:

Willow: What music did you listen to growing up? Do you think it’s affected you as musicians?

Seb: I listened to Soundgarden exclusively when I was younger so I guess that probably made me like 9/8 and 7/4 more than the average person.

Willow: What inspires you when writing?

Seb: When I start writing a song I won’t finish it unless a “funny” lyric comes in my head pretty much straight away. If that doesn’t happen I usually tend to stot, I don’t persist at all unfortunately. I’m very lazy or hungry.

Willow: Do you have any other artists who inspire you while writing & recording?

Seb: There’s a bunch of stuff that I try to draw influence from when writing or recording but it always just tends to go its own way when we start writing or recording. But to be honest if it has 16ths on the hats and has a good boogie vibe I’m going to try and rip it off.

Willow: What are your plans for releasing new music after “Ask Me Later” was so amazingly received?

Seb: We have a bunch of songs that we wrote before and during lockdown that I hope we’ll be able to record in a studio very soon.

Willow: What do you see in the future for Public Body?

Seb: Hopefully some lagers at a rock show, maybe a doobie or two.

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