Out now via Caroline International 

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

My first experiance of Pulled Apart By Horses was in the Vans tent at Boardmasters 2012, having heard a few songs prior to that set I was intrigued but completely surprised by their fiery live performance. They truly are a force to be reckoned with and their fourth installment ‘The Haze’ not only continues this ferocious energy but shows that musically they have grown. The band spent a great time hidden away in a dairy farm in Wales recording ‘The Haze’ with the aim to “Just go with our guts and fuck everyone else,” according to frontman Tom Hudson. This attitude is evident through the album, although you can hear remnants of the classic PABH this album boasts the new and progressive side to the band with fantastic style.

Eponymous opening track is a no bars held beginning for the tirade of noise ahead, coming through with heavy hooks and the famous Hudson strained vocals. It really comes out swinging with the gloves off, smacking you clear and hard right in the noggin. The tone is set from this opener, hard hitting riffs, thudding percussion mixed with borderline psych-tangents that flow back into chaos. The 12 tracks that compose this album rarely last longer than the three-minute mark, making this album delightfully digestible. PABH arrive, do the dirty and then piss off. No need to hang about, their statement is made.

The most notable songs on the album being ‘Whats Up Dude?’, a deliciously tangent riddled track, that parades the band’s ability to construct more than just punchy riffs and howls. As well as the Nirvana-esque ‘My Evil Twin’ and the pure explosiveness of ‘Neighbourhood Witch’.

‘The Haze’ it is a true barrage of rock ‘n’ roll delight that is oozing power, it is a statement of an album and proves why PABH are one of the best rock bands about.