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Toronto pop punkers PUP return with the emotive, yet joyful new single ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’, and announce new album

Since they released ‘Morbid Stuff’ to critical acclaim in 2019, PUP has earned nods-a-plenty from the likes of Pitchfork and NPR, as well as making a debut on TV show, Late Night with Seth Myers.

On the road to releasing their aptly named fourth album, ‘THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND’, nothing can stop the powerhouse Toronto four-piece that is PUP with their release, ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’. 

PUP, standing for Pathetic Use of Potential is a stark contrast from the system that built ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’. The band admitted this track was written in 15 minutes and recorded in the back of frontman Stefan Babcocks car, not bad for 3 minutes of pure pop-punk joy. The song dissolves into a wash of nervous vocals before becoming what is surely the most emotional song ever written from the perspective of a computer being overwhelmed unto death by actual human emotions.

This track does delve into a new era for PUP, and no doubt their upcoming album will follow suit. Known for their typically furious, ridiculous and anthemic songs, ‘Robot Writes a Love Song’ explores more synth and a calmer vibe than what PUP fans are used to. 

Nevertheless, this single is a force of nature and a fantastic vision into what we can expect from ‘The Unraveling of Puptheband’ which will land on April 1st. 

Watch/listen to ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’ here:

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