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Lizzie Wesbroom

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Indie-folk duo return with bouncy new single ‘Hot and Clumsy’

A fun and fresh tune with a chorus that really elevates the track, guitar riffs that make it impossible to stay still, and a catchy melody to sing along to; ‘Hot and Clumsy’ has got to go on the playlist!

This coming of age track perfectly takes you on a journey of being a teen, with the complexities of excitement and cautiousness when approaching new emotional territories. Quiet Houses perfectly sums up the teenage experience at a party, the vulnerability and the relatable feeling of embarrassment, especially with lines like “make a joke that doesn’t land!”

The indie-folk band released their debut EP ‘Big Town’ in December of 2021 which consisted of tracks like ‘B-List’, that got BBC Radio Scotland track of the week, and ‘Cold Water Swimming’, which features on Spotify’s The Most Beautiful Songs In The World playlist.

Since then, Quiet Houses have been working on a follow-up EP ‘Since July’, where they look back at the memories of growing up in Edinburgh using indie-folk textures fused with lush pop production. So, keep your ears perked up for more from Quiet Houses!

Listen to ‘Hot and Clumsy’ here: