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Label: Modern Sky UK

Torquay five-piece Tourists have released their long-awaited debut album ‘Another State’. Written and recorded in their hometown in 2018, the band collaborated with producer Daniel Schlett (The War on Drugs, DIIV) in 2019, before mastering the record with Simon Heyworth (Brian Eno, Imogen Heap, Nick Cave) of Super Audio Mastering.

Beginning with an electronic and drawn-out intro to the opening song ‘Silent Type’, it feels like this track has been designed to ease their audience into the album. Heyworth’s magic touch on the album is certainly apparent, and Schlett’s production can be heard in The War on Drugs style guitar tone. The guitar to synth ratio is perfectly balanced, as neither outshines the other and both have star moments. The driven and effect heavy bass guitar nods to experimental sounds of shoegaze in the 1990s.

Their classically indie guitar tone mixed with reverberating snare drums bears comparisons to Birmingham’s JAWS. The washed-up vocals in ‘Align’ give a hint of psych-rock to track, as the focus is given to the music, encouraging listeners to lose themselves in the sound of Tourists.

The guitar and bass’ chemistry with each other in ‘Smokescreen’ is reminiscent of some of U2’s lesser heard album tracks where the Irish rockers were more experimental. The exquisite bassline in this track is a real highlight and its huge tone would run through an entire crowd when this is played live.

Lead single ‘Lego Man’ captures the essence of Tourists in a five minute and 25 seconds period of indie magic. The sound of London’s White Lies runs through the band throughout the album, but this song seems to ooze as similar style in particular.

The dark synth-pop that Tourists thrive on occasionally slots in to dance-rock, due to the expert drumming, and is comparable to Working Men’s Club. This can be heard in the heavy synth of ‘Blindside’. Legendary Joy Division can also be heard in the track, as the melodic guitar riff pairs beautifully with the irresistibly catchy vocals.

‘Another State’ ends strongly with more of the same before they get to the final track of the record. Tourists wait until the title track to switch-up the sound of the album. The soft and heavenly sounding track eases the listener out of the album, in a similar way to how they eased into it. Their guitar tones are similar to those of Palace, blended with their signature synth sounds, they make this slightly different style their own.

Talking about the album, the band said: “It’s about drifting off to another state of mind, the highs and lows, paranoia it can lead to in a relationship for example. But ultimately the importance it has for your wellbeing to experience it and disconnect with the world for brief blissful moments.”

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