By Laura Turnbull

Usually when someone utters the words “no one is coming” it’s time to curl up in a corner and cry. Not so for Ramonda Hammer, sulking just isn’t their style. ‘Hoax‘, the stand-out single from their new LP ‘I Never Wanted Company‘, is full of these unflinching lyrical darts. The track casts a pretty unforgiving glare over the power-play that constitutes society’s strange circus but, thankfully, this Los Angeles four-piece aren’t in the mood to surrender.   

Devin Davis’ vocals rip through ‘Hoax‘ like a siren. Ruling fearlessly over Ramonda Hammer, her voice summons up the fierce spirit of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O and resurrects Gwen Stefani at her No Doubt riot grrrl greatest. The opening lines of ‘Hoax‘ let us in on a scary truth: “We will have to save ourselves“, but with Davis’ voice leading the resistance no barricade seems too high. And if ‘Hoax‘ is a grunge-fuelled, guitar-wailing war cry, we definitely want to be on Ramonda Hammer’s side. 

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