Photo credit: Kieran Webber

Liverpool’s Red Rum Club Bring Their Charm And Upbeat Indie Sounds To Truro’s Iconic Venue The Old Bakery

It’s always exciting seeing a band from up country make their way down to us in Cornwall, especially one as exciting as Liverpool’s Red Rum Club. The band have been cascading it’s way across the country playing in sold out shows in every town or city they land in. After last night’s show it’s easy to see why they’re in such high demand.

The six-piece are a total unit of sound that is incredibly tight, each member a master of their craft. The rhythm section kept things groovy and fun, jangly guitars flutter throughout, a trumpet keeps things fun and energetic, whilst vocals from Fran Doran kept things silky smooth. There’s so much cool in this band they keep a refrigerator in check.

Photo credit: Kieran Webber

The band played a variety of tracks from their impressive back catalog such as ‘Calexico’, ‘The Elevation’, ‘Kids Addicted’,‘TV Said So’, and fan favourite and closer ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely’ to name just a few. It was a true sonic delight that boasted the bands expansive, almost spaghetti western sound. The atmosphere that was created throughout the room was one of pure ecstasy, people of all ages with beaming smiles danced and sang to their heart’s content. It was a fervent reminder of just how special and wonderful live music is.

As the band came to the end of their set they extended a thank you to us all for coming out, yet it was them that deserved a thank you for travelling down to Cornwall. The often forgotten county. Bands like Red Rum Club don’t need to come down here, but I am always eternally grateful when they do. I hope to see them make their way here again soon, they’re most welcome.

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