Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: House Anxiety

From the first dreamy strains of ‘Pisces’, Abbie Ozard‘s latest EP ‘Water Based Lullabies’ sweeps in, picks you up and transports you to somewhere beautiful. The wavy synth and bouncing bass line create the flowing river that Abbie Ozard‘ sweet, vulnerable sounding vocals ride along on with lyrics like “I’m a Pisces so I’m not sure your energy’s for me” lending further lightness to an already breezy song.

When ‘Candy Blue’ comes bursting in with a flurry of drums, it grabs your attention in an instant before Abbie Ozard‘s special blend of dream pop sweeps through and carries the rest of the song. Songs like ‘Comfy’ and ‘Grown’ slow the pace but are no less charming and special. ‘Comfy’ with its wonky guitar sounding like it’s being played through a warped vinyl complimenting Abbie’s vocals wonderfully and ‘Grown’ leaning a little to the left with a harmoniser on the vocals and various instruments drifting in and out creating a cinematic quality to the song.

‘Fizzy’ plays almost like a sweeter Pale Waves with scuzzy guitars in the chorus creating a huge chorus that can’t help but satisfy a live crowd. With each song having its own unique identity, ‘Water Based Lullabies’ is sown together by Abbie Ozard’s gorgeously sweet and raw voice and flawless knack for writing indie pop gems.

Much like Lauran Hibberd, there is something about Abbie Ozard’s music that is not only dripping with cool but feels totally unique to her. All hail the future of dreamy indie pop.