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Adam Hopper, previously the frontman of indie-punk band Blanketman, gives us the first taste of his solo material, with the charming and honest ‘Beauty in Sadness

When someone tells you their song is about “keeping your chin up”, it might not fill you with hope. But give Adam Hopper’s new track Beauty in Sadness’ a go and you will find that his music is so likeable and positive that you can’t help but smile. 

You may know Adam Hopper as the ex-frontman of Blanketman, an indie-punk band. Yet here, as a solo artist, he lowers the tempo, brightens the mood and creates something lovely. The track is sunny, optimistic and celebrates the “little things that make you happy”. 

It has a wonderful homemade quality to it, with the music video filmed on a Sony Handycam by Adam’s friend Jack Harkins, the lyrics rushed through by Adam in order to fit them in their lines and the bedroom-pop instrumental. It is these imperfections that make the track so charming and give it a beautiful simplicity. 

The lyrics are what make the track particularly special. Adam sings: “I’m a rainy day man, I got carried away man, I’m an older young man” in the chorus, and the track is filled with tiny observations that could make your day a little happier. Adam’s voice is innocent and charming and might remind you of early Jack Johnson or Noah and the Whale. 

If these simple observational lyrics, cheerful instrumentation and sunny vocals are what Adam Hopper becomes known for then this is by no means a bad thing. Have a listen and just see if it makes your day a little better. 

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The Talleyrand, Manchester – 19th November

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