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Toronto duo share invigorating new single ‘Big Move’

The indie-pop duo hailing from New York, NY have come soaring out the gates with their explosive new single ‘Big Move’. It’s part of a string of releases that are planned for 2022 which hopefully ends up in some sort of EP or even album. As always with their music it’s a blend of sounds and influences that mould to create something that is large in sound and dangerously infectious.

‘Big Move’ starts softly with a gentle guitar strike that quickly opens up for the gruff vocals to burst through. It’s not long before an energetic and bouncy percussion element comes flying in, creating a springy soundscape. As the song progresses we are treated to a delightful palate of groove and funk inspired sounds that are near industrial in beat. This compliments the harmonious vocals that reverberate from ear to ear during the four minutes.

It’s an ambitious sound that All That Racket have managed to harness, citing inspiration from the likes of The Strokes, Gorillaz and more. You can hear this through their music and it’s exciting to see it blended so well.

Listen to ‘Big Move’ here: