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New York artist Angela Sclafani drops beautiful yet emotive new single ‘Bell Jar’

Having already released three EP’s of originals and EP of reimagined Stevie Nicks songs, New York singer songwriter Angela Sclafani now gives us new single ‘Bell Jar’. Pulling in different genres such as folk, pop and rock, ‘Bell Jar’ is a heartfelt song that showcases Sclafani’s talents as a songwriter.

With a voice that is seemingly both soft and powerful at the same time, it’s reminiscent of 80’s legends such as Belinda Carlisle and Stevie Nicks. Lyrically, ‘Bell Jar’ tells the story of trying to help a friend leave a relationship that isn’t working for them with lyrics such as “If he says you’re losing it well I’ll throw a fit. You don’t need this lip from a “man of wit””.

This yearning reflects in the music with the chord progressions and chords used that lend a slightly sad feeling to ‘Bell Jar’. As with the vocals, the music itself has a certain power to it while retaining a softness which only adds to the heart on display. Angela Sclafani blends her Americana folk with pop sensibilities and creates a track that is beautiful, deep and only makes you feel like everyone needs a friend like Angela Sclafani to fight their corner.

Listen to ‘Bell Jar’ here:

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