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Annie Taylor shares riff-centric new single ‘Midnight’

Annie Taylor has come a long way since their indie-pop beginnings to where they are now, a full wall of fuzzed out psychedelic rock. Not to take away from their early material of course, it’s just now there is more filling in the sandwich. They’ve fell very comfortably in the sound they harness, and it shows as there is real confidence felt throughout. The band have been linked to other artists such as Wolf Alice and L.A Witch, which is a fair comparison, however, they’ve crafted a sound that is very much their own, especially after the release of their debut album ‘Sweet Mortality’.

It’s been a year since the band released new music but now they return with the fuzzed out, riff driven ‘Midnight’. It’s an all encompassing rock n roll fuelled barrage that is relenting in its energy and daringly infectious. You can’t help but not get caught up in the pulsing guitars and rhythmic percussion. The momentum builds from the bat and remains at a steady place, whilst guitar licks punch their way through, creating a real sense of badassery. This is rock music for the party, music to get shit done to, music to let lose to, it’s absolutely fantastic.

Speaking on the new track frontwoman Gini Jungi explains: “This one’s about to blow off one’s steam and get lost with friends beyond midnight on a weekend”.

Midnight’ boasts the bands growth and progression, they’re infusing the sounds of their previous work with a more energetic breath of fresh air. There’s elements of post-punk, classic rock and more, it’s a true rock melting pot. There’s certianly much to be excited about for their forthcoming sophomore album, which is being produced by Ali Chant (Soccer Mommy, Katy J. Pearson, Widowspeak).

Listen to ‘Midnight’ here: