Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

While losing a member may be a major hurdle to overcome for some bands, Arliston instead decided to shift their focus after losing their drummer and remain a duo.

The results of this can be felt in new EP ‘Even In The Shade’. As the piano of ‘Sydenham Place’ comes in and the baritone vocals join, it instantly starts to transport you. The intimacy and vulnerability is endearing and the tone is full of warmth as layers play with each other.

‘Hold My Wine’ has an air of early Bon Iver about it with plucked acoustic and a vocal tone that’s eerily similar. Not a carbon copy though with the drums helping it to drive to something more akin to an indie song. Opposed to the indie approach of ‘Hold My Wine’, ‘TV Dinner’ creates atmosphere by using layers of lush sounds and textures and vocals which become more passionate throughout. As the track progresses, it collects layers and guitars to create something special.

‘Tombstone Teeth’ and ‘Mothering’ both take a folk approach to the music with the former making guitar the star and the latter piano. Both are equally as understated and laced with atmospheric lushness.

From start to finish, ‘Even In The Shade’ wraps around you like a blanket on a soft winter’s night. Arliston have equally managed to leave space for each track to breathe while filling parts with a tapestry of beautiful noise. Though this may be their first effort as a duo, it points to a beautiful future.

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