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Essex pop group Asylums give us ‘Instant Coffee‘, the sweetly romantic fourth single from the upcoming album, ‘Signs of Life

Asylums are back with another single from their new album. This time, drummer Henry Tyler shows off his string arrangements, giving the track a more lush instrumentation and making it even more sentimental and romantic. 

Instant Coffee’ is a clean and sweet pop song. It is laid back, like the image from the chorus: “I sit and drink my instant coffee, while the world is in despair”. The track doesn’t rush, with Asylums taking their time to create a well put together pop song. 

While there is nothing unexpected here, the structure is solid with a satisfying bridge and final chorus allowing Luke Branch to show off his controlled falsetto. The melody is lovely and sentimental and Luke Branch does a great job throughout. 

Instrumentally, the track is tight with unfussy guitars and drums accompanying Luke’s vocals. What really elevates Instant Coffee’ is the string section, which really pulls the rest of the track together, especially in the build up into the final chorus. The strings harmonise with one another, creating a lovely soundscape in the background of the track before the other instruments cut out leaving us with a gorgeous string outro.

The new album,Signs of Life, is out on 28th October via Cool Thing Records

Listen/watch ‘Instant Coffee’ here:

Catch Asylums at the following: 

Rough Trade East, London – 29th October

Pie & Vinyl, Portsmouth – 2nd November

Vinilo, Southampton – 2nd November

Vinilo, Bournemouth – 3rd November

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