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Out Now Via Yipee Ki Yay
By Kieran Webber

Hailing from Halmstad in Sweden, Baby Jesus is a five-piece psych outfit that was formed after an intense trip to India. With the vision of raw garage rock from the bowels of the 60’s with a mixture of intense noise of instrumental and guttural sounds.

If The Doors and 13th Floor Elevators had a love child then it would have been Baby Jesus.

We are introduced into the debut album with style, the guitar is struck and left to play out the drums slowly play their way in and the song takes shape, a cruisy surf rock psych out; ‘Nothing’s for me’ is one hell of an opener.

We continue the far out adventure through to ‘Trembling Away’ which still brings the fire, a hip shaking groove driven goliath of a track with complimentary solos so subtly dancing in the background.

‘Nice Walk’ is the next song that stands out as the heavy reverb and fuzzed out guitar is cleaned up and glistening in clean Beach Boys 60s surf rock, a very good example of the bands possible diversity.

Following this is the foot tapping organ driven ‘Cry,Cry,Cry’ a simple yet extremely effective number.

‘Vansinne’ comes in and grabs the listener by the head and thrusts a beautiful musical experiment into your ears, it is with songs like this that keep the album so listenable. As you are about to predict the next song it completely changes its direction and throws you, but in a good way. A track that is empty of vocals but full of guitar and groove with a sprinkling of trumpet, it all makes for a pleasurable and unique listening.

The album closes with ‘Time’s All Gone’ still hypnotic as ever with its repetitive chanting and mesmerizing organ driving the song forward with the faint guitar hovering in the background.

Within this far out journey you will find yourself hurtling through space and time watching the world go by in a psychedelic daydream being guided by the groove, which as a 21st century band is a strong accomplishment.

Baby Jesus have managed to grab better elements of the 60’s garage rock and psych scene and blend them together to form a beautiful concoction, the use of the organ within their music is fantastic and not overused as is much with the album.

The relationship between the guitar and the percussion is magnetic in the way they have managed to create a trance like rhythm that is borderline voodoo.

It is the musics modesty and unpredictability that makes this an engaging and unique album and has me very excited for their future.

Listen to a preview of the album here: