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George Ward

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Ahead of their upcoming debut album, Netherlands-based Banji drop emotional, shape-shifting new single ‘Maybe

Banji have complete control over their listeners with their new single,Maybe. The band keep their fans (new and old) on their toes with this latest release, defying the box indie-pop box they’ve called home.

The first couple of verses are lovely. With extremely lo-fi vocals reminiscent of Sparklehorse, and wobbly guitars, the mood is wonderfully sleepy. The production is clean and the melody gorgeous. Then, a minute and a half in, the band ramp up the energy to a whole new level. 

With the line “cause when you look at me sparkling, the world disappears”, the sound explodes. The track does not simply become louder (although it certainly does), but also far more emotionally intense. 

The drums come right to the front, synths soar up and down around the chorus and the vocals are far more impassioned.The production is far more fun, remiscent of Glass Animals‘ latest releases. Just as the band hit momentum they pull back into a dreamy soundscape, only to throw the listener off their chair with the explosive chorus.

It’s a fantastic offering that has surely builds the anticipation for the bands forthcoming debut album.

Banji’s debut album, ‘Freshcakes’, will be released on October 14th via [PIAS].

Watch/listen to ‘Maybe’ here: