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The Scottish band Beäfets return with their positive indie anthem ‘Falling Knives’

The four-piece outfit hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, have come out with the stunning new single ‘Falling Knives’. An indie anthem that was birthed during the height of the first lockdown. As many of you know, the lockdowns were tough on everyone’s mental health, it was an odd and scary period of our modern history. However, between the dark days, the days where it felt we’d never see our friends, family, or live music again, there were highs to be had. As Beäfets remind us within this song, there is always a best of a bad situation.

The single, which is the first of many for 2022 opens with a swirling guitar that paves the way for the drawn out, emotive vocals. Although the topic is heavy the music remains positive, which throws the listener into a sense of reflective positivity. Which as we leave the pandemic (in policy at least) is a cathartic experience, yet one that is necessary.

The band had a brilliant 2021, despite the difficulties and they’ve come out the gate very strong with their first release of 2022. They’ve already received praise from Robert Carlyle (of Trainspotting fame), not to mention a variety if radio shows and publications. As long as Beäfets keep this momentum going for 2022, they’re no doubt going to make a mark in the UK music scene.

Listen to ‘Falling Knives’ here:

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