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Black Honey yearn for escape and clarity on new single ‘Out of My Mind’

Black Honey are back with their second single of the year, titled ‘Out of My Mind’.

The new single gives us another taste of the band’s new era, following the release of Charlie Bronson’ two months ago.

The lyrics of ‘Out of My Mind’ tackle themes of escape and clarity from dissociation, captured perfectly by the track’s Sam Kinsella-directed music video.

Vocalist Izzy B. Phillips has never shied away from talking candidly about her mental health throughout Black Honey’s music, and ‘Out of My Mind’ continues her empowering vulnerability.

The song’s greatest strength lies in its soaring chorus; the catchy repetition of the line “All I want to do is just get out of my, out of my mind” cements ‘Out of My Mind’ as a track which is inevitably destined to become a sing-along anthem when the band perform it live.

Phillips says of the track: “It’s about wanting to go anywhere to escape the war in my head.

The story was written from the perspective of a house party – zooming in on a scene where I’ve said the wrong thing as always and hating it, that anxiety of not knowing how to be.

I wanted it to feel like being on your bedroom floor, a bit whirly and vulnerable.

“This song is like reaching for a tiny pin prick of light escapism in the big darkness.

Until now I think I let addiction fill me with guilt whilst simultaneously letting society project shame onto me about my life’s choices.

We all need a moment to escape sometimes and maybe that’s okay?

I wrote this song as hungry yearning for relief from a real world I find very hard to process and function in.

Maybe I’m not alone in this and maybe it’s alright to make bad choices from time to time.”

After the band’s sophomore album Written & Directed’ reached number seven in the UK album charts in 2021, ‘Out of My Mind’ makes it possible to envision that this new era could propel Black Honey to even greater heights.

Listen to ‘Out of My Mind’ here: