Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Nettwerk Music Group

‘If You Only Feel It Once’ is the third EP from South-London four-piece Bleach Lab and it marks their first release on Nettwerk Records.

Throughout the five tracks, you are treated to lush melodies and a gorgeously intimate production that feels warm and embracing. The ethereal lead guitar hook that powers opener ‘I Could Be Your Safe Space’ couples beautifully with the driving acoustic guitar and understated drums. Singer Jenna Kyle’s voice is sweet and soothing and when she sings “if you’re worked up, in a state, I could be your safe place” it is comforting.

That dreamy pop runs through tracks like ‘Take It Slow’ and ‘Obviously’ as the hazy, summery lead guitar plucks sublime patterns over the top of each gorgeous tune. ‘Pale Shade of Blue’ may only shuffle along at a sombre tempo, but it is no less effective at eliciting feelings. The warmth behind the guitar and bass smothers you like a thick blanket as Kyle’s vocals once again beguile you and soothe you with her tone alone. There seems something monumental but subtle about the chorus of ‘Pale Shade of Blue’ that begs to be enjoyed with a pair of headphones and your full attention.

There is something so beautifully 80’s in the guitar lines bathed in chorus that run through ’If You Only Feel It Once’. That coupled with a production that feels intimate, yet arena sized makes for an incredible sounding EP. Though there seems to be a common DNA running through the EP, each track has their own character that sets them apart from each other. In ‘If You Only Feel It Once’, Bleach Lab have hit upon gold with their sound, and you can’t help but feel that this is the beginning of something special.