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George Ward
George Ward

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Australian rock band Body Type announce their second LP ‘Expired Candy’ and release hard hitting single ‘Miss The World’

Following their Australia Prize nominated debut album and a run of shows with Fontaines D.C., Body Type have announced their second album. ‘Expired Candy’ was written during the pandemic and promises to be “filled with hope, love, and danger, dancing with delicious uncertainty.”

Our first taste of this dance is ‘Miss The World’, a sassy, energetic and impressive punk tune. From the opening, the energy of the track is relentless. Written in lockdown, the hook “I miss the world and everything in it” and the passionate vocals will hit hard to everyone who felt anger, frustration and unfairness at the mishandling of the pandemic and the toll on everyone’s wellbeing.

The track is driven by a pumping bass drum and bass guitar and is layered with frenetic guitar riffs, shouted vocals and witty lyrics: “she’s an oxymoronic protagonist, see her feed her bichon frise while the microwave zaps her macaroni and cheese”. 

The rawness and fast pace of ‘Miss The World’ perfectly demonstrates Body Type’s fun but highly confident attitude and if this energy is repeated in June, ‘Expired Candy’ should be a really exciting release.

LP ‘Expired Candy’ is out on June 2nd via Poison City Records. 

Watch/Listen to ‘Miss The World’ here: