Music | Review | Broken Internet Records – Birth Compilation

Birth Compilation is OUT NOW


By Kieran Webber

The DIY label is probably one the most exciting and promising to come out of London this year, the Birth Compilation proves this 100 times over.

The Birth Compilation boasts a plethora of fantastic lo-fi/garage rock bands that are all doused in talent from their head to their toes, although each band sits nicely in their category expect something different from each act.

The Compilation opens with Virgin Kids and the song “Cracks In A Colour” a song that matches Thee Oh Sees energetic punk blast accompanied by screeches and fuzzed out vocals.

Next up is Joya with the Ty Segall enthused track “Devil Skates” as similar to Segall it has the catchy riff with a sprinkle of uniqueness particularly in the bongos that can be heard in the backdrop of the song.

At this point we take a turn and move to a more relaxed pace with House Plants with the indie melody “Insteelworks” drawing comparisons to the likes of Happyness, Beach Baby, My Bloody Valentine, and Yuck.

Strange Ways and the song “Things Ain’t What They Used To Be” takes a raw, uncompromising take on indie is a refreshing and arguably the most exciting song on the compilation, with what sounds like a heavy influence from Weezer and Wavves.

The compilation ends with Honey their musical influences from 80s British indie, like The Smiths, The Cure as well as elements of Dinosaur jr can be heard through their mind melting track “Why Can’t I Get Hurt”.

Each band brings their own special element to the compilation which makes for a fantastic listen as well as gets you excited for what is to come from the young label and the bands involved.

Listen to the Birth Compilation below: