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The musical pairing of Chris Harris and Erin Newman has created a heartfelt, emotively driven new single ‘Ballad Of A Broken Friend’

Chris and Erin is the pairing of two musical minds, who came together to create music that is filled with emotive songwriting and heartfelt sonic exploration. The collaborative new single ‘Ballad Of A Broken Friend’ sees them blend Erin’s sultry, velvety vocals with soft percussion, subtle plucks of the acoustic guitar, and the occasional electric guitar lick. It’s a rambling release that is forever carrying the listener through a variety if emotions and sounds, a true musical adventure.

‘Ballad Of A Broken Friend’ starts slow and simple but quickly develops into a smokey, whiskey filled track that is destined to be featured in a Tarantino film. All the elements complement each other, creating a hazey, cinematic atmosphere. The songwriting stands out throughout, an emotive ballad that captures the heartache of watching a friend go through anxiety, depression and helplessness. You feel these raw emotions throughout Erin‘s vocals. It’s a sombre release that is eye wateringly powerful.

Listen to ‘Ballad Of A Broken Friend’ here:

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