Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Partisan Records

For those lovers that like to get sweaty in a mosh pit, worry no more because Chubby And The Gang have got you covered. Hot on the heels of 2021’s ‘Mutt’s Nuts’, Chubby And The Gang have been bitten by the love bug with new EP ‘Labour of Love’.

Starting with an unsettling screech of guitars, this is no collection of ballads. ‘Who Loves Ya (Coup D’état)’ is a stomping track almost harking back to 70’s glam rock with a chorus of “it must be love” to shout back at the band. This bubblegum pop style track certainly has an edge with the thumping drums and the buzzsaw guitar sound but still retains that pop feel.

‘Twice Shy’ comes rolling in with relentless drums with hammering guitars to match. With a production reminiscent of early hardcore and punk records, the authenticity is there on show. As Chubby And The Gang do so well, the blend of punk, hardcore and pop is infectious and instantly grabs your attention. Coming in at just under two minutes, ‘Twice Shy’ doesn’t hang around and before you know it you’re thrown into the final track ‘Ain’t There No One?’ With more of that strutting punk, there’s barely a second to catch your breath and yet you feel like you don’t even want to. The chainsaw on metal guitar tone is backed up by pounding drums and a vocal line towards the end that sounds like it’s lifted straight from a 50’s doo wop band.

Chubby And The Gang seem to blend genres effortlessly to create a sound that is both aggressive and beautiful. As far as valentine’s records go, this is definitely one of the only ones that’s likely to cause chaos on a dancefloor.

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