Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Hardly Art

‘Cool’ is the new album from LA native Colleen Green and it is exactly as the title suggests. From the first dreamy riff of ‘Someone Else’, Colleen Green pulls you in and tee’s you up to be serenaded by her sweat sounds. It’s a subtle sound yet is brilliantly commanding. As the guitar floats away and you’re left with the lo fi drums with bass to match, Colleen slides in to the room with her breathy vocals singing to a lover about how double standards can go both ways.

‘I Wanna Be A Dog’ airs more on the Americana dream pop spectrum but still keeps that lo fi feel. ‘Posi Vibes’ is about as appropriate a title as you can get for a song on ‘Cool’. Effortlessly dripping in SoCal vibes, it is yet another slice of dream pop that keeps things nice and withheld. ‘Natural Chorus’ is another song that takes this approach with a drum machine style drumbeat and droning bass for the hypnotic extended intro. After Colleen comes in with her dreamy vocals though, the guitar comes in with an almost 60’s phased sound that picks the track up, clicking you back into reality.

‘Cool’ is an album that is so chill it doesn’t even need to try. This is effortless pop that has good vibes pouring from every chord and beat. Summer may be on it’s way out but one listen to ‘Cool’ and you may as well be diving into a pool in L.A.

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