Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Tip Top Records

After meeting at college, four cornish boys decided that, rather than finish A levels that they had started, they would start a band and so Colour TV was born.

‘How To Ask’ is the band’s second EP, serving as a follow up to their 2021 EP ‘Is That You’. The energy is palpable from the off as each note and each hit of the drum can be felt through the speakers.

As ‘Wherever You Need’ erupts from the speaker, it harks back to the era of classic indie like The Charlatans and Cast where the music is played loud and from the heart. With vocals that air on the side of an upbeat Morrissey, ‘Pavlova’ is nice, simple, gritty indie with a sublime chorus replete with dancing bass line, twinkling lead over dirty rhythm and a drum beat brimming with energy.

‘Education Is Like This’ switches things up and swings you on to the dance floor. Barrelling along at pace, the slow drawl of the vocals plays nicely with the uptempo backing. Colour TV clearly have a knack to write choruses to blow you away as evidenced in ‘Education Is Like This’.

‘For Belugas’ rounds things off in wistful fashion as the song slowly echoes around the space before drums come in coupled with a gorgeous bassline to drive things forward just a little. Colour TV are clearly talented. Each member of the band gets showcased without taking over. Silky vocals, wandering basslines, passionately played drum beats and guitar lines that flit between twinkling butterfly and buzzsaw riffs all combine together to create four songs that can only make you excited about the future of this band.

‘How To Ask’ doesn’t feel like the beginning of a movement, it’s more of a warning of things to come.

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