Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Fat Possum

From the very first strains of opener and title track Loose Future’, the beauty of Courtney Marie Andrew’s voice and songwriting is instant. Serving as the follow up to her Grammy nominated 2020 release ‘Old Flowers’, ‘Loose Future’ is full of introspection and a beauty to it that Elton John described as reminding him of a “young Joni Mitchell” which is high praise indeed.

First track ‘Loose Future’ sees Courtney singing of wanting to take it slow in a relationship and keep a “Loose future if you want to ride with me.” The accompanying music is full of beautiful instrumentation that remains soft while also driving the song forward. ‘On The Line’ has an elegance and warmth to it that feels as though you’re listening to it on a record player in a lounge in the 60’s with Courtney’s vocals having a Karen Carpenter feel to them, backed up by sublime harmonies.

‘These Are The Good Old Days’ feels like a poignant moment on ‘Loose Futures’ as Courtney Marie Andrews muses on young love. The shuffling drums, muted guitars and soft acoustic guitar lay a blanket down for Courtney’s sweet and warming voice.

‘Loose Future’ is an album best enjoyed when you give yourself to it so you can enjoy all of the subtle sounds and quirks that drift around all of the warming tones already present. Courtney Marie Andrews’ voice has a timeless quality to it that wouldn’t sound out of place in the 60’s or 70’s. Though the music is thematically the same, each track on ‘Loose Future’ has its own character with the clever use of subtle changes in production and use of different instrumentation drifting in and out. From start to finish, ‘Loose Future’ is a gorgeous album with Courtney Marie Andrews’ voice and subsequent harmonies the real star of the show so grab your headphones, find a comfortable seat and prepare to drift away.

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