Review | Cristobal and the Sea – Sugar Now


Released October 2nd Via City Slang
By Kieran Webber

London-based, cross-European Cristobal and the Sea have set the benchmark very high with their debut album “Sugar Now”.

Due to the diverse makeup of the band with each member being from a different part of Europe, including UK, Spain, Portugal and Corsica, this diversity shines through their music creating a beautiful blend of afro-pop, tropical themed folk sound.

The album opens up “Counting Smiles” with a melodic guitar backed up by tranquil vocals that create a layered sound wrapped in uniqueness, the flute plays an integral part to this track creating yet another beautiful melody. The song wraps up completely different to the beginning ending in a groovy funkadelic explosion.

Listen to the single “Fish Eye” 

The fun doesn’t stop yet though with “Sunset Of Our Troubles” using the flute to its full potential, as oppose to being in the background it is now brought forward creating a dazzling pied piper experience.

It’s not all flutes and groovy guitars though the closing song “Miasma” is a perfect end to what is a varied album sweeping through many genres and cultural influences, the warm african vibes sum up just how varied as a band they can go.

Each song carries its own sound and uniqueness as a whole the album is brave and unforgettable, Cristobal and the Sea are not scared at trying new things and it has paid off. The diversity of the band flows through their music which has created a stunning mish mash of sounds from a variety of cultures.