Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

‘S.O.M.E’ is the latest E.P. From LA based band DAISY and it stands for “Suck On My Energy”. The band say that the phrase “describes feeding off the positive vibes of friends and loved ones”, and this E.P. is full of positive vibes. When opener ‘We’re Alright’ bursts in you can practically smell the flower blossoms and feel the sun on your skin. Vocalist Daisy Hamel-Buffa style and tone lends itself to a jazz R&B fusion but the rest of the band play in a near indie style with hard drums and brightly played chords.

‘Eastside’ hits more on the smooth R&B side with brass and softly played organ backing up Daisy’s beautifully smooth vocals. Rosie transports you to a dimly lit jazz club with only piano backing a vocal performance that pairs perfectly with it. The rest of DAISY adds some volume and depth when they enter half way through the track.

The drums on ‘S.O.M.E’ are almost played in an indie style in the weight of them and the guitars float between a light jazz style and a heavier chord based style. On the face of it, DAISY are a jazz R&B band but there’s something more to it than that when you listen. As ‘5th & Western’ brings ‘S.O.M.E’ to a close, it seems to cover all of the genres in one song floating between shoegaze, r&b and jazz before fading to a close with delicate vocals and organ. In ‘S.O.M.E’, DAISY have taken a genre that seemed to be settled in itself and shaken it up to create a sound that should be the future of the genre.

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