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Hackney Wick’s Daisy Tortuga drops beautiful lo-fi folk single full of lush chords, gentle vocals and a dreamlike feel

Strawberry‘, the new track from Platypus Complex’s Daisy Tortuga, is the perfect soundtrack for colder weather and its lo-fi texture feels like a warm blanket to drift away underneath. From the whispered “2, 3, 4” that opens the track, ‘Strawberry‘ feels intimate, like we are in the room with Daisy Tortuga, or hearing a demo sent from a friend. This lo-fi quality gives it an honesty and a warmth and separates this project from the polished psychedelic sounds of Platypus Complex. 

The track is extremely sparse. In fact, the only elements to discuss are Daisy’s voice and an electric guitar surrounded by a chorus effect, giving the track a psychedelic edge. These two elements fit together perfectly, with Daisy’s voice, hushed yet endearing, gently floating on top of the guitar’s jazzy but understated arpeggios. The lyrics are dreamlike and surreal but always warm: “how does it feel to be a flower? My petals sway in the wind, they fly away whilst I sway. Come on let’s sway.”

Strawberry’ was recorded in “the strange February snow of 2021” and while this detail enhances your first listen of the track, putting you in the cosy shoes of Daisy as she writes, you can almost tell this just by listening.

Listen to ‘Strawberry’ here:

Out now via via Strong Island Recordings