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South-London’s Deafpony return with anthemic indie belter ‘Tattoos’, taken from their upcoming EP

The South-London band return with their anthemic new single Tattoos’, a swaggering indie classic that further boasts the bands ability to craft magnetic music. It’s their second single taken from their upcoming EP which is penned for release later this year. The latest release is inspired by singer Scott and guitarist Mikey using tattoos as a medium to solidify friendships, work through trauma, and a way to remind them of their path. As the band explain: “‘Tattoos’ deals with the constructive processing of negative experiences.”

‘Tattoos’ opens with a clean guitar that delicately pushes towards an array of noise, the percussion comes down hard whilst a wave of guitars come crashing over the listener. Then in an instant the mood shifts, the song calms and the emotive vocals of Scott Clarke take lead, driving the song forward. This culminates to an ebb and flow throughout, with a real tug and pull atmosphere. It’s an unpredictable listen that makes the single release even more attractive.

We’ve watched Deafpony grow over the years, covering their earlier material it’s clear as day to see just how much they’ve grown musically. They cite artists such as Foals and Wolf Alice as influences, which is clear as day. There’s no doubt that they’ll be sharing stages with them one day, especially if the caliber of music remains so high.

Listen to ‘Tattoos’ here:

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