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Kieran Webber

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The New Mexico, Albuquerque duo blend americana with the brass sounds of Mexico in this delightfully mellow release

The Duo Deliriously Serious create a real fusion of sounds with their latest release ‘Roadrunner’, throughout the single we hear a variety of genres and sounds, all blending together to create a real mixing-pot that is extremely pleasing to the ear.

‘Roadrunner’ opens with the soft vocals with one half of the duo, that is quickly joined by a deeper, rougher vocal, a true complementary partnership. All the while, brass and percussion dance eloquently in the back drop, taking you to the cactus-laden horizon of New Mexico. Lyrically, the duo spin a yarn of betrayal, gunslinging, and retribution, it’s a classic tale that evokes visions of the old-west and it’s roguish history.

This track is a classic throwback to Americana and American folklore, one that has been done countless times, yet Deliriously Serious breath new life into this style.

Listen to ‘Roadrunner’ here:

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